Best Espresso Machines For Home Use

Over the years, there has been an explosion in the number of coffee varieties available to purchase. But until the best espresso machines were available for home use, it was necessary to go to restaurants and cafes to enjoy your favorite specialty coffee. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

These days there’s no need to pay the local cafe’s ridiculous prices just to enjoy your favorite coffee drink. Home espresso machines have enabled us to enjoy excellent beverages for less than 50 cents a cup, and in the convenience of our homes. And because we have become a nation of coffee connoisseurs, manufacturers have been quick to respond to our demands for great tasting coffee at home. We’ve reviewed some of the highest rated espresso machines below.

DeLonghi EC702

delonghi-ec702The DeLonghi EC702 (featured here) can use either ground coffee or the convenient coffee pods. This means that you can make your coffee drink entirely to your own taste.

This is a more expensive model than the DeLonghi EC155 reviewed below, however as soon as you see the appliance you’ll realize why. It has similar features and is even more stylish and will make you look like a professional barista in your kitchen.

You’ll make coffee drinks with a truly authentic Italian flavor with this machine. It has detailed features such as the cup-warming facility, which makes the machine always ready to go to create your perfect drink at any time. This appliance is constructed in sturdy metal and has no plastic trim to spoil its stylish looks. This is a machine for the serious coffee lover who takes pride in the beverages they serve to their family and friends.

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DeLonghi EC155

delonghi-ec155The DeLonghi EC155 (available here for $79.99) features two thermostats which control the steam pressure and the water separately. This makes it ideal for creating espresso or cappuccino at home. It works quickly too – it has a special self-priming feature that means that there are no start-up preparations necessary. You can have perfect coffee easily, even first thing in the morning.

This appliance can use ground espresso or make use of the E.S.E. pods – whichever is more convenient for you. When making cappuccino, make the most of the jet frother that combines milk and steam to produce the famous creamy froth beloved by coffee aficionados. This model is easy to clean and it features Italian styling that will look sophisticated and professional in your kitchen, whatever the style of your decor.

Nespresso Essenza C91

This model is referred to as a ‘compact brewing unit’ which sums up the Essenza C91 perfectly. It uses a capsule system to ensure that your hot coffee drinks are ready in no time.

Most users recommend that you buy the Nespresso brand capsules, as there are cheaply-produced imitations on the market that don’t give such excellent results as the real thing. They also report that this is a sturdy machine with a long life so is well worth the money. This is also a very stylish machine, finished in a modern black that will suit most decors well in addition to creating delicious coffee drinks at any time.

For your convenience, we’ve found the lowest price on the Nespresso Essenza C91 for you here.


Mr. Coffee ECM160

mr-coffee-ecm160For a good value-priced starter espresso machine, take a look at the Mr. Coffee ECM160. It makes up to four cups of coffee and has a stylish appearance. It is quite a small machine so is particularly suitable for smaller kitchens or those that don’t have a great deal of counter space. It makes delicious cappuccino, espresso or latte in your own home and decants the brew into an attractive serving jug with a stay-cool handle.

For an espresso machine that’s priced less than $40 it works surprisingly well and it can save you money within a matter of days if you’re accustomed to regularly buying your coffee drinks outside the home. Budget is no longer an issue for the coffee lover when using the Mr. Coffee ECM160.

Capresso 303

The Capresso 303 (found here) is a four cup model that will allow you to easily adjust the strength of the coffee to suit your own taste.

It features a glass carafe that is dishwasher safe and the main body of the machine is finished in an elegant black color. It incorporates several safety features and it is designed to be easy to clean.

It too is one of the lower priced espresso machines in our selection, yet offers great value for money enabling you to make espresso, cappuccino, and latte in your own kitchen, any time you choose.

Krups XP100050

This too is a very good value, since you can find it for less than $60, and it features the well-known Krups name at an affordable price.

You’ll soon be creating coffee drinks with the flair of a professional using this novel little machine. If you regularly buy ready-made coffee outside the home, you’ll find that this model will soon pay for itself. It is styled with a compact design and at only 11 inches high will fit into even the smallest kitchen. Its good looks are matched only by the high standard of coffee drinks produced by this compact model.

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    Answer:By:Cochy i have the cuisinart and it works great! ive had it for about a year and no prembols..Only drawbacks are its very noisy when it grinds and it is a pain to clean but it makes a great cup of coffee. I think my wife paid around $ 80 for it.

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