Breville YouBrew BDC600XL Review

For those who love to grind their own coffee beans and have the option between brewing a full pot of coffee or just a cup, the Breville YouBrew BDC600XL is the ultimate coffee maker. It is considered one of the most customizable coffee machines on the market today. It’s like taking a high end coffee machine with a grinder and combining it with the benefits of a Keurig. It delivers both the amazing features of a full-fledged coffee machine but also the customizable joy of a single serving.

With the astonishing features, design and innovation that have gone into this machine, the possibilities are truly endless. The end result for the consumer who owns this machine is always going to be a delicious, rich cup of freshly brewed coffee straight from the bean itself.

Customize Your Cup
The Breville BDC600XL can be used to fill one 8oz cup of coffee, a large 10oz mug, or up to 12 cups of coffee. The possibilities are truly endless! With the stainless steel or glass carafe, making multiple cups of coffee with this machine is effortless. Keep the coffee warm too with the built-in warming plate that comes featured with the glass carafe. This warming plate is guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours!


Strength: Aside from choosing what size of cup you want to use, you can also chose the strength of your coffee as well. While some drip coffee machines have yet to figure out how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and customize the brew strength when dealing with coffee beans, the Breville YouBrew BDC600XL has mastered the technique. In order to make the ideal cup of coffee, coffee grounds need to be steeped in boiling hot water. If steeped too long, the coffee can become over powering but if steeped for too short of a period of time, the coffee won’t be strong enough. In order to combat this issue, the BDC600XL will customize to your desired strength. With its intelligent Brew IQ system, you get to choose your desired strength. It will then program them into its memory so it’s ready for the next time. The Built-in burr grinder makes this possible by grinding just the right amount of beans based on your chosen preference.


Flavor: Yes, you can even adjust the flavor of the coffee with this machine! The YouBrew comes with five different flavor profiles ranging from light to bold. An example of this would be someone who enjoys a single cup of coffee every morning. In order to get that rich, flavorful coffee taste it is recommended that the coffee grounds steep for four minutes before drinking. With this built in knowledge, this coffee machine knows exactly what to do depending on what you desire. What other coffee machine can do that for you?

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User Friendly
BDC600XL-controlsWith all the technology jam packed into this machine, don’t let it fool you, it truly is easy to operate! With a blue-back-lit LCD display you can easily customize your size, strength and flavor as well as find how much water is left in the reservoir. It will even tell you how much longer it will be before your coffee is ready to drink! Not only that you can follow the different stages of the brewing cycle! The LCD display will read pre-heating, steeping, or brewing depending on where it’s at in the process.

Easy to Clean
The LCD display also will display when it needs to be cleaned. Don’t worry! Clean this little guy is easier than it sounds. The BDC600XL comes with a cleaning brush for the grinder and coffee chute. The glass or stainless steel carafe is easy to clean under water, and the stainless steel design of the overall machine is guaranteed to last ages.


Easy Filter System
Don’t you hate having to buy new filter after new filter for your coffee machine? With the YouBrew BDC600XL, you can use the gold tone filter that comes with it so you never have to worry about changing filters again. This easy to clean device is both durable and guaranteed to capture the flavors needed for that ideal cup of coffee you desire. Using paper filters is also an option for those who wish to stick to the traditional method.

Auto Programing
Everyone loves a coffee machine that can easily be programed, and the Breville BDC600XL delivers one of the most outstanding programmable features around. With its auto start programing, you are able to program the night prior what time you want the machine to start up and begin making your coffee the next morning. This handy feature makes those busy work mornings so much easier.

For your ideal, customized, cup of coffee, the Breville YouBrew BDC600XL is coffee maker perfection! It delivers flavor and quality that no other drip coffee machine on the market can stand up against. With the capability to grind coffee beans into a unique flavor that is tailored specifically for your taste buds, the Breville BDC600XL is one of the best coffee machines on the market today. It takes class and sophistication and turns it into an easy to use machine. The YouBrew BDC600XL is the ideal machine for all coffee lovers out there! It delivers perfection every time!


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