Coffee, America’s Morning Beverage

Coffee, the American drink of choice for those of us who want to start the day on a positive note.

There is nothing more rewarding than waking up to the tantalizing smell of a fresh pot of just-brewed coffee that’s waiting to be sampled. The effect is not only physically stimulating but it is also mentally arousing as well. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee on a regular basis are more mentally alert than their counterparts who do not partake of this wonderful beverage. Who wouldn’t want to be more alert, especially in the morning when most people are struggling to get their mental engines started?

Coffee comes in a variety of blends and strengths. I personally like the medium roast types because they are neither too weak nor too strong for my taste buds. Some of the blends that are stronger tend to be bitter which can cause too much acid on the stomach, which in turn causes heartburn for some folks. I suspect that people who don’t like the taste of coffee have had to contend with this situation and it has caused them to shy away from being a regular coffee drinker.


Years earlier, experts chose to give coffee a “thumbs down” in terms of how healthy it is for the average consumer. They based their findings on the effects that caffeine has on the human body and declared it to cause more harm than good. Caffeine is definitely a stimulant, but not all stimulants are deemed harmful. Other foods contain certain amounts of stimulants and yet people do not put them under fire to be banned for human consumption.

lowest-price-keurigI could be biased because I personally like having my morning coffee from my Keurig, but overall I enjoy many benefits from a good cup of hot coffee. Might I mention that in the summer I also enjoy a refreshing iced coffee? Add some whipped cream and it makes a delightfully cool drink on a hot summer’s day.

People have been drinking coffee for centuries and it is a social drink for many. Good times often start with a cup of coffee and many good conversations have been had around the family table sipping coffee. Good friends get together at coffee shops and many of these cool coffee shops have cropped up over the last thirty years or so. The industry has spawned thousands of shops across the world specifically geared toward the sale of coffee specialty drinks.

What’s your pleasure? Will you have a latte? Mocha or perhaps an espresso? Will that be one shot or two? Modern baristas have even become creative by making art designs in the top of your drink. What more can you ask from a beverage that brings people together?

Lately I have read studies that have concluded that coffee does indeed have beneficial aspects and there are certain health benefits to be derived from enjoying it in moderation. Could it be that its popularity has swayed the masses into believing a more conservative approach is needed? I find that my mental alertness is certainly improved and it has been joked about that you don’t want to talk to someone who hasn’t had their first cup of coffee in the morning.


All joking aside, the effects of caffeine clearly cause a mental clarity that is appealing to many. Some argue that it can be habit forming and that carries a negative connotation to some. A beverage that causes a sense of well-being can’t be all bad. It has been a source of controversy for years but people still gravitate to what gives them a positive lift in their day.

Enjoy your coffee America!

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    I have a question. We have a bunn coffee maker at our cabin. When I left I shut it off but am not sure if I unplugged the machine!!! Will this damage the machine ? Will the water inside go dry ??

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