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Many people would find it difficult to have a satisfactory start to their day without a piping hot cup of fragrant coffee. Gone are the days when making excellent coffee at home was a time-consuming job.

Today there are many types of coffee makers available and there’s something to suit every budget and every personal requirement. Many coffee makers even have timers built in, so coffee lovers can be greeted by their favorite drink as soon as they awake in the morning. Several years ago this luxury was unthinkable but with the modern coffee makers of today, there are many features which help us to enjoy our favorite brews quickly and simply.

Check out this short sample of some of our coffee maker reviews below to help you find the best java maker for your home.

Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer

keurig-b44-homeThis model was made specifically with the beverage drinker in mind who enjoys variety. Sometimes people are the only coffee drinker in their household so this appliance cut down considerably on waste and can prepare just a single cup of perfect cup of coffee in no time.

The Keurig B44 Home Brewer even has a convenient option to allow you to specify the size you require which is a convenient feature for those who like to have large mugs of coffee in the morning and a small cup of coffee in the evening after dinner. However a wonderful feature of this machine is that when you have guests, the appliance will actually hold enough water to make up to ten drinks and each can be different if required. If you’re entertaining a couple of coffee drinkers, someone who prefers tea and yet others who want their beverages to be caffeine-free that’s no problem as the Keurig B44 uses the flexible K-cup system. This way you can make a wide variety of hot drinks in just a few minutes.

The Keurig is an easy-to-clean appliance and can also be used to fill tall traveling mugs with your favorite drink so that you can enjoy beverages even when you’re on the go. All the removable parts are dishwasher-safe adding to the convenience of the Keurig B44 Home Brewer. It’s also a perfect choice for small offices where different people have different drinking preferences.

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DeLonghi EC155

deLonghi-ec155This model offers you a way to enjoy your own espresso at home. The DeLonghi EC155 also makes a delicious cappuccino too so you get the best Italian coffee experience when you choose this coffee maker. This is a very stylish machine which will look very professional as it sits on your counter top. This is definitely a great piece of equipment for the coffee and espresso connoisseur.

You can use the special pods with this coffee maker or, if you prefer, your favorite brand of ground coffee. The machine comes with a jet frother which you will have seen at fine Italian coffee houses, to enable you to make lattes and cappuccinos with ease but with a professional flair. This machine cleverly has two separate thermostats so that the water temperature and the steam temperature can be individually controlled if you wish.

Additionally, this wonderful espresso and cappuccino maker is made from a durable stainless steel material that will give you years of use in your home. On the other hand, it makes a perfect gift for those who love and appreciate fine Italian-style coffee that they can enjoy at home at any time.

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Hamilton Beach Two-Way Brewer

hamilton-beach-two-way-brewerThis coffee maker also features sturdy stainless steel construction. Although it can’t offer the same style and sophistication of the DeLonghi or the Keurig it is still a handsome machine that will look right at home in today’s modern kitchens.

It has a good capacity too and can make up to a dozen cups of great coffee but can also be perfect just to make one single cup, if required. This makes it a very unique coffee maker in that regard. This makes the appliance very convenient for daily family use and for entertaining your guests, and at just $79 the price is attractive too.

You can use ground coffee with this machine or single serve pods and has the added advantage of being completely programmable. The timer function means that you can wake up to a hot cup of coffee every morning simply by pre-programming the coffee maker the evening before. This machine is simple to operate and comes with full instructions from the manufacturer.

Check out what customers are saying about the Hamilton Beach Two-Way Brewer.

Presto 12 Cup Percolator

presto-percolatorWho doesn’t love the sound of a coffee percolator preparing its brew? They release the most fabulous aroma as they create your drink. Percolators fell out of favor some years ago due to the popularity of the newer models of coffee makers but they are now back in fashion in no uncertain terms. Percolators are now being seen and used in stylish, trendy kitchens by those in the know.

One of the great advantages of the percolator is that its clean design makes it very easy to operate since it is free of complicated buttons and gadgets. Additionally, the jug looks extremely elegant when taken to the breakfast table. The Presto 12 Cup Percolator is as happy making two cups of coffee as it is making a dozen for your family and friends. It’s also one of the most affordable options for a premium coffee maker whether for your own home or as a luxury gift.

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Bonavita BV1800

Bonavita-bv1800thThere’s little doubt that German engineering is amongst the best in the world and that applies just as much to kitchen appliances as it does to automobiles. The Bonavita BV1800 featured here looks stylish and is a great and useful accessory for any kitchen.

This machine is as simple to operate as it is attractive and brews up to eight cups of coffee. It’s ideal for everyday family use and also for entertaining and small dinner parties. The carafe looks particularly elegant and is so much more stylish than the more usual glass jug.


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