Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit 48464 Review

Hamilton Beach is a top appliance brand that more people trust than any other. Consumers know they can trust this brand to meet all of their needs and so much more, and when spending your hard-earned money on an appliance, this is very important.

There is no exception to the quality offered when speaking of the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit 48464. This 12-cup coffee maker is elegant in design and style while being worthy of producing top-quality coffee cup after cup. It is one of the most convenient, easy-to-use machines on the market, affordably priced and ready to handle all of your coffee brewing needs. If you purchase just one coffee maker this year, the Hamilton Beach 48464 is the model to go with.

Continue reading to learn more about this popular coffee maker by one of the leading appliance brands and look no further for your next coffee maker.

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The BrewStation 48464 coffee maker produces piping hot coffee, cup after delicious cup and with its various brewing options, everyone can enjoy the right cup for their tastes. Those choices include iced-coffee, regular and bold. Want only a single cup of coffee? This is possible with this coffee maker. Other features that make this coffee maker special include:
•    One-hand dispensing
•    Auto Shut-off for up to a 4-hour period
•    No hot plate so the coffee can stay fresher for a longer period of time
•    Clock time with easy programmable features
•    Insulated coffee tank
•    Ability to make iced coffee
•    Stainless Steel on Black design
•    Warm Mode
•    1-Year Warranty
•    Dispensing Bar means no pouring necessary, no carafe to break!

All of the various features of the coffee maker are easy to use so there is no worry. An easy-to-read instruction manual is included for you to review, but it is a very easy-to-use machine on your own, without a bit of worry or hassle.


The company’s claim that every cup is just as good as the first certainly holds up to be a true statement. This claim is written right on the outside of the box, and it is one that you can really believe. Even if you allow coffee to sit in the machine for its maximum lifetime capacity (4 hours,) it still is hot, and still just as delicious as your first.

The best way to Make Coffee
Making coffee is quite simple with the Hamilton Beach coffee maker. While features on the machine are programmable, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure things out. Since some machines take forever to learn to operate and seem to be designed to harbor your first cup of coffee in the morning, this feature is one that is very impressive.

The versatile machine caters to the tastes of so many, making it perfect to take to the office with you, to use as social gatherings and parties and, of course, when you finally have the house to yourself and want to sit back with a good book and hot cup of coffee.

Owning the Hamilton Beach 12-cup coffee maker allows you to own a durable and quality machine that will provide many years of use ahead. All of the Hamilton Beach products are created with the coffee drinker in mind. No more coffee maker replacements throughout the year. There is a one-year warranty backing the coffee machine, though you are certain to get a much longer lifetime out of the machine that this minimal time frame.

Are there any Downsides to this Machine?
There is no such thing as the perfect product, and this coffee maker does have a few downsides to its use. One of the biggest disadvantages is the short cord. This shorter-than-normal cord can make it difficult to place the coffee maker where you want it to go.

On this coffee maker the water tank is on the inside of the machine. However, this is not a big downfall since the water level indicator is low. Even still it can be a challenge to pour the water into the top of the tank without making a bit of a mess. The tank is also harder to clean because of its location.

These small disadvantages shouldn’t from purchasing this machine, but we do want you to be aware of them before making your decision. These minor disadvantages really don’t take away from the coffee maker all that much. Besides, when you find a coffee machine with capabilities as good as this one and as inexpensive as this one, you probably won’t want to pass it up!

The Bottom Line
This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is among the best values for your money right now. You can find it at the lowest advertised price by clicking the ‘buy now’ button below. And it it truly is a reasonable price, especially considering all that this coffee machine can do for you. It has all of the features and capabilities that you want in a coffee maker, making life simple and easy. Its stylish design is certainly a plus, and its versatility goes a long way.


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  • Neil Lubin July 19, 2015 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Hi. I just ordered mine yesterday! Looking forward to great cups of coffee in the future.

  • trudy buffington May 27, 2016 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Good Luck! This is our 3rd and it’s less than 6,months old!! Already it’s leaking water all over the counter, the first two we bought did the same thing. This will be the last one!!! Hamilton Beach needs to correct this Problem!!

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