How Do You Take Your Coffee?

How do you take yours? For me it’s got to be strong, extra bold, with 2 sugars; but each to their own.

Coffee has rightfully positioned itself in the beverage hall of fame, we wake up in the morning and for most of us we can’t function at 100% until we’ve had our morning cup of coffee. For instance my morning ritual is get up, drop a pod in my Keurig, make a large mug of coffee then make a second in a travel cup; that way it’s ready for me to drink on my commute to work, ensuring that I’m on a good caffeine high until lunchtime.

It’s no wonder that coffee has become such a popular drink mainly due to all the different incarnations that are available, for instance some like it made with milk for a ‘latte’ which is nice and is usually served in a large open cup sometimes with a design swirled in to the milk, but then there is the other end of the coffee drinkers spectrum with the uber strong ‘espresso’ which comes in tiny little cups but the strength of the coffee is much greater than ordinary coffee. Still for many around the world, freeze dried instant coffee is their preferred choice because they prefer not to have to wait for their coffee to brew. To these people, I would love to introduce them to the Keurig coffee maker, which works as quick as instant coffee but the coffee tastes delicious, not freeze dried.

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k-cupsWith the Keurig coffee maker becoming such a firm favorite of many households, companies have started making several styles of K-Cup coffees, from budget through to high end rich roast blends allowing the consumer to enjoy the varying tastes. Some of these companies also make what can only be described as gourmet blend coffees, which are becoming a huge hit with the coffee drinkers at home as these individual pods give that expensive coffee shop taste without the coffee shop price tag.

coffee-walnutBut lets look away from coffee as a drink for a moment, because through the years the humble coffee bean has been used as everything from a form of currency to an ingredient in cooking, the latter I found to be more frequent than I actually realized. My grandmother used coffee to make one of the best coffee and walnut cakes ever (completely with lashings of coffee flavored butter-cream), another favorite is Tiramisu, which I can only really describe as a coffee flavored trifle.

But don’t think that coffee is restricted to desserts only, I’ve been to restaurants and seen such items as parsnip soup with coffee in the description. Even meat gets to mingle it’s flavors with coffee, I once had pigeon with a selection of roast vegetables with a coffee foam, now you’re probably thinking that I must be mad and how could I eat that, well let me tell you that it was simply delicious.

Even confectionery has delved into the use of coffee albeit with some very mixed results, for example one particular brand of sweets had several different chocolates in one bag and you never knew which one you got until you bit into them. Well for me finding the coffee fondant filling was a highlight and was my personal favorite, but the advertisers of the chocolates had a marketing campaign similar to the Russian Roulette scene in “The Deer Hunter” film, each person choosing a chocolate, the loser being the one that found the coffee one. It was all very tongue in cheek humor but despite people saying that they didn’t like the coffee one it still remains.

Whichever way you look at it coffee, it is here to stay and no doubt will continue to grow in it’s popularity.

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