How To Buy A Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are an essential kitchen appliance nowadays and picking the best coffee maker isn’t an easy task. Buying a coffee maker isn’t just about picking the color that looks best with your kitchen appliances. No, it’s about buying the one that will consistently make the best cup of coffee that helps you start your morning.

Due to different methods of brewing coffee and a variety of features which coffee makers now possess, picking the right one is essential. It depends on how coffee is brewed as well as the individual’s preferences.

There are two main types of coffee makers in the market today based on the brewing. The first type is the drip coffee maker, which is the traditional type like the Bunn Velocity Brew BT, and the second type is the single-serve coffee brewer, like the Keurig which is the newer type. So, selecting a coffee maker from these two types depends on the lifestyle of the individual, the preferred choice among these two types, and also the amount of coffee consumed every morning.

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Those who drink a lot of coffee or those who have a large family could go for the traditional drip coffee maker type such that it suits around ten to twelve cups. Also, an entire pot of coffee can be brewed at once and everyone can make their own coffee from that pot. This is the most effective way to brew a pot of coffee for a group although it takes several minutes to brew that pot of coffee.

For smaller usage, such as a cup or two, the single serve type is the best. They are designed in such a way that they brew only one cup at a time and hence the individual can brew each cup as and when needed. They are more suited for individuals. Also, they are faster than the traditional drip coffee makers as they utilize pressure and hence are suited to those who live a fast lifestyle, especially those who are in a hurry.


There is a difference in these two types. Traditional drip coffee makers use ground coffee whereas most single serve coffee makers cannot. Single serve coffee makers work with their own type of coffee pods. Pods can cost a little more per serving, but they afford you a wide variety of specialty coffees that aren’t typically found with traditional drip coffee makers. Also, the price of coffee pods depends upon the coffee maker itself and whether it allows you to use brand-name only coffee pods or universal. But these types of machines not only make coffee but also other types of drinks, such as hot chocolate, which adds to their value. Thus, the coffee maker really makes an impact as it can turn a kitchen into a cafe for true coffee lovers.

Apart from the two types mentioned above, commercial grade coffee makers like the Breville YouBrew are also available which have integrated bean grinders in them, which makes for a better coffee. They are also equipped with espresso capabilities. Depending on their model, they can be highly complicated in their working or be completely automated to ensure easy brewing. They are so advanced that they even dump out the used coffee beans without any manual assistance. This makes sure the users don’t need to get their hands dirty.

But, in order to avoid all these machines, users can bypass them and brew coffee in a French Press. Which is basically a canister with a mesh plunger inside it. All the user has to do is to mix the water and the coffee grounds and push the plunger. The mesh ensures that the coffee grounds get strained out and the user gets a cup of coffee fresh. This is plain and simple as it does not involve the use of any features or gadgets or gimmicks. Also, according to various opinions, this makes the best coffee out of all the available types.


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