Keurig K65 Special Edition Review

If simplicity is what you are looking for in a coffee machine, then the Keurig K65 Special Edition is sure to deliver. It not only is one of the simplest coffee machines to operate but it has revolutionized the way people think about making a cup of coffee.

The K65 is perfect for those who want features similar to a traditional coffee machine like programmability while at the same time want to enjoy the wonders that come with owning one of the sing cup Keurig machines. Keurig’s take the complexity out of brewing your own coffee and let the machine do all the work for you. With the amazing capabilities associated with this device, you are guaranteed to fall in love with it.

keurig-k65-programThe most popular feature associated with this particular Keurig machine is it’s programmable features. With the other Keurig models, the biggest thing lacking is the ability to program when the machine turns on and off.

Unlike traditional coffee machines, Keurig’s are meant to fill up one cup at a time via a pre-coffee filled K-Cup. Although being able to automatically fill up a cup of coffee and have it brewed prior to you even awaking is not a possibility as of yet, it is still possible to have the water heated and ready to make that perfect cup in under 1 minute.

With the programmable features on this device users are able to turn the machine on at 6am. While you are trying to awake, the water in the reservoir will heat up to that perfect temperature. All you will have to do after that is pop in your favorite K-Cup and in under a minute you can be sipping that delicious, rich coffee flavor you know and love.

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Temperature Control
Another unique feature particular to this Keurig model is the ability to control the water’s temperature. While some like their coffee steaming hot others may not. With the K65, you can opt to brew an ice coffee drink during those hot summer months or turn the temperature up for a warm delicious cafe mocha during the winter Holidays.

The Special Edition
Keurig-k-cup-sample-packIf you’re new to the Keurig family, don’t worry! With the special edition of the K65, you not only will receive this amazing machine but you’ll receive a 12-count variety pack of K-Cups. With this variety pack you’ll be able to try out different and exciting flavors. When it comes to K-Cups, there is a wide variety to choose from. So take the time and enjoy this wonderful variety pack in order to find out what flavor works for you!

Size Options
With the K65, you can also chose which size of cup you want to use. While most Keurig models along with traditional coffee machines only allow for an 8oz coffee mug, the K65 will allow users to be able to make a 6oz, 8oz or even 10oz cup of coffee.


Water Reservoir
With this Keurig’s amazing 60oz water reservoirs, you can make countless cups of coffee without having to worry about refilling the machine. Say you want that perfect cup of coffee at six am and your partner wants another cup two hours later. With the combination of the water reservoir and the programable on and off feature, you can guarantee the water stays warm and is there not just for you but for others as well.

The K65 Makes More Than Just Coffee!
That’s right! It’s not just about the coffee! With the K65, you can also brew your favorite tea, hot coco, or iced beverages. With the K65 the possibilities truly are endless. Not into K-Cup flavors? That’s okay. With the K65, you can also use the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter. With this handy device, you can take any of your favorite bag coffee or tea and fill up the reusable filter to create that perfect single cup of coffee.


Quiet Brew Technology
While traditional coffee machines can be extremely noisy, the K65 comes with an innovative quiet brew technology that is guaranteed not to disturb others in your household. Never feel guilty again about what your roommates up with this quiet machine!

Replacement Water Filter
One last amazing bonus included with this machine is the replacement water filter. The water filters on Keurig’s need to be replaced every so many months. By offering a replacement filter, you won’t have to worry about it when the first replacement comes due. With the water filter handle, you are reminded as well when the filter will need replaced.

The Keurig K65 Special Edition is the perfect coffee machine for all K-Cup lovers! Whether you are new to the amazing joys of what Keurig’s have to offer or just looking to upgrade your old machine, the K65 has everything you would ever need or desire. With the programability features and the temperature control features, this amazing machine can be customized to fit your needs. The K65 promises you the best cup of coffee every time, and with the wide variety of flavors that one can chose from this machine lives up to it’s promises!


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