Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Review

The Café Barista from Mr. Coffee comes fully equipped with a 15 bar pump, which allows you to get that perfect crèma of emulsified air and coffee bean oils. This barista unit also includes a volume selector so that you can personalize the ratio of espresso-to-water for a stronger or weaker brew.

Other useful features include its easy push button design, with indicator lights, to select which type of brew and if you would like. There is even a button to switch from automatic to manual. Our hands-on review found only one thing wrong with the included tamper which is that it’s plastic and could possibly melt under extreme circumstances. I would recommend replacing it with a good metal tamper. Another necessary accessory that is not included but a must for new brewers is a good coffee bean grinder.

cafe-barista-frothOur favorite feature on the Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista, one that makes it more distinguishable from other espresso machines, is the automatic milk emulsifier which also allows you to select air to milk levels in your froth. The milk and water reservoir is fully removable to be cleaned, and with the exception of the porta-filter all parts are dishwasher safe. An automatic cleaning system is also programmed into this unit, but after 40-80 cycles or so you should still give it a good cleaning, including the knob used to adjust the emulsify level. This unit has very few buttons which makes it extremely easy to use.

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Although the Cafe Barista espresso and cappuccino machine is very easy to use, I’ll give you a overview of the steps on how to operate it, as well as my experience with the machine. First, to prime your espresso machine, fill both reservoirs with filtered water (my recommendation) and put all filters in appropriate holds. Then run the machine for a full cycle using only water, then discard it. This is to clear the lines of any stale water and assure that your espresso tastes as fresh as possible.

If you grind your own coffee beans, I find that a very fine grind works best for this espresso machine. Dark roasts and exotic beans make some of the best tasting espressos, as I’ve found Calibri Azul being my favorite. The manual states to not use sugar coated or very sweet beans for they can gunk up the machine, but Calibri Azul is honey coated and when ground it does not appear crystalline like sugar. Next, fill the water reservoir and milk reservoir. Note that if you do not use all of your milk you can store it in the refrigerator.

Make sure to tamp your ground coffee in the filter and get it firm and even, depending on how strong you enjoy your brew. But be careful not over tamp; the object is not to compact the coffee grounds as firm as possible, but to make sure they are evenly tampered. After your finished, place the filter in and situate it so it aligns with the groove of the porta-filter and then lock porta-filter into position.

Now you’re ready to place your cup or espresso shot glass. Make sure your cup is dead center with the drip head and select either one or two shot by pressing once or twice respectively. You may also hold in the espresso button for 3 seconds to customize the shot ratio. To stop the brew from continuing or overfilling just press the espresso button again and the head will cease. Remember, this unit can only handle 5 oz. of espresso at a time so it will automatically shut off after that amount is poured.


The cappuccino and latte modes are just about the same in operation. Except these you will want to adjust your froth to a desired level. You may also hold the cappuccino button for 3 seconds to receive more milk; pressing the button again will halt the process. After each frothing the unit automatically cleans, so that milk doesn’t build up and clog the emulsifier. Also, make sure you clean the porta-filter and filter with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

In conclusion

If you have been searching for a relatively inexpensive, simple, and efficient barista that will rival the actual barista at your favorite coffeehouse, then your search is over. In my experience, I have used this machine several times for my chocolate chai lattes and have yet to have a problem. For a brand that’s usually associated with your usual morning cup of Joe, Mr. Coffee has produced an affordable but efficient espresso and cappuccino machine that will serve all of your needs.


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