Zojirushi EC-BD15 Review

I would consider coffee to be a valuable commodity in today’s day and age, and with the explosion of cafes in the past decade it is not that far from the truth. I say this because I am one of those people who have become dependent on coffee and I simply cannot function well in the morning without a cup of joe.

I admit that it may seem ridiculous to some but there are others like me and with the hustle and bustle of everyday lives of presentations, families, meetings, exams, deadlines, quotas, etc. coffee truly is a valuable necessity. But of course not everyone has time to wait in long lines at Starbucks, especially when you are in a hurry. This is why premium coffee makers like the Zojirushi EC-BD15 were invented.

So, what is the Zojirushi EC-BD15B Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe coffee maker? Well, like the name suggests, this is a coffee maker ideal for the person who does not want to deal with inconvenience of long lines in coffee shops and their occasional misspelling of your name. Zojirushi has been in the business of making premium-quality kitchen appliances for decades. So, it is safe to assume that they know a thing or two about making a great coffee maker.

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zojirushi-ec-bd15baZojirushi’s experience in making exceptional kitchen appliances is evident in the EC-BD15 thermal carafe coffee maker. To start, it can brew up to 10 cups of coffee, enough to satisfy all the coffee drinkers in your home or office. With that much coffee it can brew you may think that it may have trouble keeping it warm and you may even assume that it uses a heating element like other conventional coffee makers, well it does not on both accounts. Zojirushi uses a thermal carafe that insulates the coffee inside, keeping the carafe cool to the touch while keeping your coffee inside hot for long periods of time. There are no hot plates here, so none of that burned coffee taste that usually comes with conventional coffee makers.

Another great feature that I like about Fresh Brew Thermal Coffee Maker is the convenient and precise water gauge found on the water reservoir. That red ball floating in the gauge makes it really hard for anyone to incorrectly put the wrong amount of water which is quite helpful when brewing only small batches of coffee.

The Zojirushi EC-BD15 also features a pause-brew function, which stops brewing for 30 seconds so you can pour a cup without waiting for the full brew cycle to complete. It is also programmable and provides an auto-shutdown for safety. The electric timer clock module comes with preset functions but can easily be customized so that you can always wake up in the morning with a fresh batch of coffee. There is no better way to wake up than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and with its auto-shutdown feature, you don’t have to worry when you sleep in, it will shut itself off after two hours.


It is also quite convenient in the cleaning department. The filter basket can be easily removed which can be rinsed out after each use and the thermal carafe itself is brushed steel, quite helpful in warding away those pesky fingerprints.

As of now, you may have been thinking that this Zojirushi Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe coffee maker is perfect and wondering why you have not bought one yet. It is indeed an excellent coffee maker in my opinion, but it does have a couple minor flaws that can easily be overlooked.

zojirushi-ec-bd15-openFirst, like many other auto-drip brewers, it suffers from what could be considered a design flaw. The feeder tube that connects its heating element to the shower head must pass through the water reservoir. What does this mean? Well, since it has to pass through the water reservoir, the water temperature in the reservoir affects the water passing in the tube. To put it simply, the colder the water you put into your reservoir, the lower the temperature will be of your brewed coffee. This is easily fixable though; don’t put cold water in your reservoir!

Second, to some it maybe a little hard to remove the carafe lid, instead think of it as your morning workout before getting your morning coffee.

To sum it all up, the Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe coffee maker is an affordable alternative to otherwise expensive thermal coffee makers. It is sleek and aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its stainless-steel look and with its convenient programming, ease of use, and easy clean-up. You honestly can’t go wrong with this coffee maker. Its flaws are easily overlooked and not enough to even begin to persuade you to ignore this great coffee maker.

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  • Connie January 10, 2016 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    The above review for this coffee maker is correct. I have had mine since November of 2015 and it does make a good cup of coffee. The only negative is that I wanted to get a stainless steel coffee filter for mine and after researching the web, I discovered that there is a filter but it was for a different Zojirushi model. I assumed that they also made one for mine as well. Unfortunately, after I purchased the item I contacted the Zojirushi and they told me that for my model EC-BD15, a filter is not available. Who knew? Silly me! This was my bad and in this case I put the cart before the horse this time. I do not like adding to the landfill. Maybe in their future models they will “rethink” this.

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